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In our Technologies topic area, you can take a look behind the scenes. Continuity in the development of control technology and systems for heating and cooling, a sophisticated manufacturing concept and an uncompromising quality control have made us one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment worldwide. To keep it this way, we are committed exclusively to the desires and requests of our customers in terms of quality, reliability, precision, documentation, safety and comfort. 


Control pannel
Where comfort, precision, reli ability and thermal safety meet.
You can see all the functions of control technology for our temperature control appliances at a glance.


Forced air convection
The basis of energy efficiency and temperature uniformity in our temperature control appliances.
Find out about all our systems for heating and cooling.


Data collection
Always network-capable, seamless, convenient.
Read all about our Celsius software for programming and
documentation, about the chip cards and the IQ/OQ.


Inhouse electronics production and component testing,
flexible manufacture, as well as calibration and
quality testing in highly modern test facilities.


All stainless steel

The structured stainless steel used in every Memmert laboratory appliance
stands for functional design in its purest form: scratch-resistant, robust and durable.
Memmert is a registerted TrageMark of the Memmert GmbH and we are a Reseller

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