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Testo-Saveris: Easy and secure,
efficient measurement of air humdity and temperature
with data montoring and recording in any location.

The data monitoring system testo Saveris measures temperature
and humdity values in sensitive electronics, in surroundings and in processes. The easily operated measurement system
provides security as well as savings of time and costs
thanks to automated measurement and data recording.

The data transfer takes place by wireless and/or Ethernet
connection to a base station. This documents and monitors all
data. If limit values are exceeded, a number of alarm options
such as SMS/e-mail alarm or alarm relay are available. Remote
alarms can also be triggered even when the system is not
connected to a running PC. All recorded data is centrally
stored in a server.


Data monitoring for uninterrupted control

Saveris wireless probe versions with internal as well as external temperature
and humidity sensors allows the adaptation to any application. The wireless
probes are available with or without display. The battery status and the quality
of the wireless connection are displayed. Saveris Ethernet probes In addition
to the wireless probes can be used which can be directly connected to the
Ethernet. This means that an existing LAN structure to be used, allowing the
data transfer from probe to base even over large distances.

Saveris automates central documentation as well as safe monitoring in the
electronic production environment, and in climate cabinets. The comprehensive
alarm management allows fast alarms if limit values are exceeded.
Thanks to the combination of wireless and/or Ethernet probes, the system concept is
ideal for many different applications in the electronic industry.

Monitoring in production and storage in industry
A number of quality data must be recorded and monitored in production, and storage.
Saveris automates the documentation of these data and provides alarms when upper
or lower limit values are exceeded. The quality of the products and processes is thus
guaranteed at a stable level. Saveris is ideally applicable for the monitoring and
documentation of ambient and temperature data in production areas, in storerooms,
and climate cabinets. At the same time, Saveris allows the uninterrupted recording
of measurement parameters, are optimally covered by Saveris wireless and/or Ethernet



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